# The Greeter class
class Greeter
  def initialize(name)
    @name = name.capitalize

  def salute
    puts "Hello #{@name}!"

g = Greeter.new("world")

language: ...

style: androidstudio

Get version 9.16.2





  1. Version 9.16.2

    New languages: none.

    New styles: none.

    Improvements: - fix(arduino) Resolves issue with arduino.js not being "use strict" safe

  2. Version 9.16.1

    New languages: none.

    New styles: - Night Owl by Carl Baxter

    Improvements: - Add CLI tool to quickly check for relevance conflicts Mark Ellis (#1554) - enhance(twig) update list of filter and tags (#2090) - fix(crystal): correctly highlight !~ method definition (#2222) - fix dropping characters if we choke up on a 0-width match (#2219) - (accesslog) improve accesslog relevancy scoring (#2172) - fix(shell): fix parsing of prompts with forward slash (#2218) - improve parser to properly support look-ahead regex in begin matchers (#2135) - blacklist super-common keywords from having relevance (#2179) - fix(swift): support for @dynamicMemberLookup and @propertyWrapper (#2202) - fix: endWithParent inside starts now always works (#2201) - fix(typescript): constructor in declaration doesn't break highlighting - fix(typescript): only match function keyword as a separate identifier (#2191) - feature(arduino) make arduino a super-set of cpp grammar - fix(javascript): fix object attributes immediately following line comments - fix(xml): remove vbscript as potential script tag subLanguage - fix(Elixir): improve regex for numbers - fix(YAML): improve matching for keys, blocks and numbers - fix(Pony): improve regex for numbers - fix(handlebars): add support for raw-blocks, and triple-mustaches(#2175) - fix(handlebars): fix parsing of block-comments containing closing mustaches (#2175) - fix(handlebars): add support for segment-literal notation, and escaped mustaches (#2184) - JSON: support for comments in JSON (#2016) - fix(cpp): improve string literal matching - fix(highlight.js): omit empty span-tags in the output (#2182) - fix(Go): improve function declaration matching - fix(python): added support for f-string literal curly braces (#2195) - fix(cpp): add future built-in (#1610) - fix(python): support comments within function parameters (#2214)

  3. Version 9.15.10 New languages: none. New styles: none. Improvements: - support for ruby's squiggly heredoc (#2049) - support css custom properties (#2082) - fix(PureBASIC): update to 5.60 (#1508) - fix(Kotlin): parenthesized types in function declaration (#2107) - fix(Kotlin): nested comment (#2104) - fix(isbl): contains key typo (#2103) - fix(github-gist.css): match Github styles (#2100) - fix(elm): update to latest elm syntax (#2088) - fix: Support highlighting inline HTML and CSS tagged template strings in JS and TS (#2105) - feat(YAML): add YAML to common languages (#1952) - feat(xml): Add support for Windows Script File (.wsf), inline VBScript in XML script tags (#1690)

  4. Version 9.15.9

    Improvements: - fix(AutoHotkey): order and extended highlighting (#1579) - fix(Go): correctly highlight hex numbers, rather than stopping at last 'd' or 'f'. (#2060) - fix(Mathematica): Improvements to language (#2065) - fix(Node): Adds SCSS build (#2079) - fix(Rust): update keywords (#2052) - fix(Stata): Added keywords for the meta-analysis suite introduced in Stata 16 (#2081) - fix(Bash): escape double quotes (#2048)

  5. Version 9.15.8

    New languages: none. New styles: none. Improvements: - fix(bash): revert escaped double quotes - broke Firefox/Safari.

  6. Version 9.15.7 New languages: none. New styles: none. Improvements: - fix(powershell): Add cmdlets (#2022) - fix(Bash): escaped double quotes (#2041) - fix(c++): add aliases 'hh', 'hxx', 'cxx' (#2017) - fix(ini/toml): Support comments on the same line. (#2039) - fix(JSX): not rendering well in a function without parentheses. (#2024) - fix(LiveCode): language definition update (#2021) - fix(markdown): indented lists (#2004) - fix(styles/school-book): don't style all the pre, use .hljs instead (#2034) - fix(JSX): Modify JSX tag detection to use XML language regex in place of simplistic \w+

  7. Version 9.15.6 New languages: none. New styles: none. Improvements: - Move dependencies to be devDependencies. - Fixed security issues in dev dependencies.

  8. Version 9.15.5 New languages: none. New styles: none. Improvements: 🔥 Hot fix: updated build tool.

  9. Version 9.15.2 New languages: none. New styles: none. Improvements: 🔥 Hot fix that was preventing highlight.js from installing.

  10. Version 9.15.1

    New languages: none.

    New styles: none.


    • Pony: Fixed keywords without spaces at line ends, highlighting of iso in class definitions, and function heads without bodies in traits and interfaces. Removed FUNCTION and CLASS modes until they are found to be needed and to provide some of the fixes.
    • Support external language files in minified version of highlight.js (#1888)