# The Greeter class
class Greeter
  def initialize(name)
    @name = name.capitalize

  def salute
    puts "Hello #{@name}!"

g = Greeter.new("world")

language: ...

style: mono-blue

Get version 11.7.0





  1. Version 11.7.0

    New Grammars:

    • added 3rd party LookML grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Josh Temple
    • added 3rd party FunC grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES [Nikita Sobolev][]
    • Added 3rd party Flix grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES The Flix Organisation
    • Added 3rd party RVT grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Sopitive


    • enh(scheme) add scm alias for Scheme matyklug18
    • fix(typescript) patterns like <T = are not JSX Josh Goebel
    • fix(bash) recognize the (( keyword Nick Chambers
    • enh(Ruby) misc improvements (kws, class names, etc) Josh Goebel
    • fix(js) do not flag import() as a function, rather a keyword nathnolt
    • fix(bash) recognize the (( keyword Nick Chambers
    • fix(nix) support escaped dollar signs in strings h7x4
    • enh(cmake) support bracket comments Hirse
    • enh(java) add yield keyword to java MBoegers
    • enh(java) add permits keyword to java MBoegers
    • fix(javascript/typescript) correct identifier matching when using numbers Lachlan Heywood


  2. Version 11.6.0

    Supported Node.js versions:

    • (chore) Drops support for Node 12.x, which is no longer supported by Node.js.

    Default build changes:

    • add wasm to default :common build (#3526) [Josh Goebel][]
    • add graphql to default :common build (#3526) [Josh Goebel][]


    • fix(json) changed null/booleans from keyword to literal shikhar13012001
    • enh(gml) reorganized and added additional keywords Bluecoreg
    • enh(csharp) Added support for the new scoped keyword in C# (#3571) [David Pine][]
    • enh(scala) add transparent keyword Matt Bovel
    • fix(rust) highlight types immediately preceeding :: (#3540) [Josh Goebel][]
    • Added 3rd party Apex grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES (#3546) David Schach
    • fix(rust) recognize include_bytes! macro (#3541) Serial-ATA
    • fix(java) do not intepret == as a variable declaration Mousetail
    • enh(swift) add SE-0335 existential any keyword (#3515) Bradley Mackey
    • enh(swift) add support for distributed keyword Marcus Ortiz
    • enh(xml) recognize Unicode letters instead of only ASCII letters in XML element and attribute names (#3256)Martin Honnen
    • Added 3rd party Toit grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Serzhan Nasredin
    • Use substring() instead of deprecated substr() Tobias Buschor
    • Added 3rd party Oak grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Tim Smith
    • enh(python) add match and case keywords Avrumy Lunger
  3. Version 11.5.1


    • (chore) explicitly set sideEffect for css and scss files, fixes #3504
  4. Version 11.5.0


    New Grammars:


    • enh(ruby) lots of small Ruby cleanups/improvements Josh Goebel
    • enh(objectivec) add type and variable.language scopes Josh Goebel
    • enh(xml) support processing instructions (#3492) Josh Goebel
    • enh(ruby ) better support multi-line IRB prompts
    • enh(bash) improved keyword $pattern (numbers allowed in command names) Martin Mattel
    • add meta.prompt scope for REPL prompts, etc Josh Goebel
    • fix(markdown) Handle ***Hello world*** without breaking Josh Goebel
    • enh(php) add support for PHP Attributes Wojciech Kania
    • fix(java) prevent false positive variable init on else Josh Goebel
    • enh(php) named arguments Wojciech Kania
    • fix(php) PHP constants Wojciech Kania
    • fix(angelscript) incomplete int8, int16, int32, int64 highlighting Melissa Geels
    • enh(ts) modify TypeScript-specific keywords and types list anydonym
    • fix(brainfuck) fix highlighting of initial ++/-- Christina Hanson
    • fix(llvm) escaping in strings and number formats Flakebi
    • enh(elixir) recognize references to modules Mark Ericksen
    • enh(css): add support for more properties Nicolaos Skimas
  5. Version 11.4.0

    New Language:

    • Added 3rd party Pine Script grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Jeylani B
    • Added 3rd party cURL grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES highlightjs-curl


    • Default is now much closer WCAG AA (contrast) (#3402) Josh Goebel
    • Dark now meets WCAG AA (contrast) (#3402) Josh Goebel
    • Added intellij-light theme Pegasis

    These changes should be for the better and should not be super noticeable but if you're super picky about your colors you may want to intervene here or copy over the older themes from 11.3 or prior.


    • enh(arcade) updated to ArcGIS Arcade version 1.16 John Foster
    • enh(php) Left and right-side of double colon Wojciech Kania
    • enh(php) add PHP constants Wojciech Kania
    • enh(php) add PHP 8.1 keywords Wojciech Kania
    • fix(cpp) fix vector<< template false positive (#3437) Josh Goebel
    • enh(php) support First-class Callable Syntax (#3427) Wojciech Kania
    • enh(php) support class constructor call (#3427) Wojciech Kania
    • enh(php) support function invoke (#3427) Wojciech Kania
    • enh(php) Switch highlighter to partially case-insensitive (#3427) Wojciech Kania
    • enh(php) improve namespace and use highlighting (#3427) Josh Goebel
    • enh(php) $this is a variable.language now (#3427) Josh Goebel
    • enh(php) add __COMPILER_HALT_OFFSET__ (#3427) Josh Goebel
    • enh(js/ts) fix => async function title highlights (#3405) Josh Goebel
    • enh(twig) update keywords list (#3415) Matthieu Lempereur
    • fix(python) def, class keywords detected mid-identifier (#3381) Josh Goebel
    • fix(python) Fix recognition of numeric literals followed by keywords without whitespace (#2985) Richard Gibson
    • enh(swift) add SE-0290 unavailability condition (#3382) Bradley Mackey
    • fix(fsharp) Highlight operators, match type names only in type annotations, support quoted identifiers, and other smaller fixes. Melvyn Laïly
    • enh(java) add sealed and non-sealed keywords (#3386) Bradley Mackey
    • enh(js/ts) improve CLASS_REFERENCE (#3411) Josh Goebel
    • enh(nsis) Update defines pattern to allow ! (#3417) idleberg
    • enh(nsis) Update language strings pattern to allow ! (#3420) idleberg
    • fix(stan) Updated for Stan 2.28 and other misc. improvements (#3410)
    • enh(nsis) Update variables pattern (#3416) idleberg
    • fix(clojure) Several issues with Clojure highlighting (#3397) Björn Ebbinghaus
      • fix(clojure) comment macro catches more than it should (#3395)
      • fix(clojure) $ in symbol breaks highlighting
      • fix(clojure) Add complete regex for number detection
      • enh(clojure) Add character mode for character literals
      • fix(clojure) Inconsistent namespaced map highlighting
      • enh(clojure) Add regex mode to regex literal
      • fix(clojure) Remove inconsistent/broken highlighting for metadata
      • enh(clojure) Add punctuation mode for commas.
    • fix(julia) Enable the jldoctest alias (#3432) Fons van der Plas

    Developer Tools:


    • Modified background color in css for Gradient Light and Gradient Dark themes Samia Ali
  6. Version 11.3.1


    • (fix) Grammar CDN modules not generated correctly. (#3363) Josh Goebel
  7. Version 11.0.1

    • (fix) use console.log for .js.js deprecation warning (#3222) Josh Goebel
    • (fix) do not restrict exports from cdn-assets (#3223) Josh Goebel
  8. Version 11.0.0

    This is a major release. As such it contains breaking changes which may require action from users. Please read VERSION_11_UPGRADE.md for a detailed summary of all breaking changes.

    Potentially breaking changes

    Unless otherwise attributed items below are thanks to Josh Goebel (ref: #2558).

    The below list should only be considered to be a high-level summary.

    Deprecations / Removals / API Changes:

    • initHighlighting() and initHighlightingOnLoad() deprecated. Use highlightAll().
    • highlightBlock(el) deprecated. Use highlightElement(el)
    • before:highlightBlock & after:highlightBlock callbacks deprecated. Use equivalent highlightElement callbacks.
    • highlight(languageName, code, ignoreIllegals, continuation) signature deprecated. Use highlight(code, {language, ignoreIllegals}).
    • Deprecated highlight() signature no longer supports continuation argument.
    • tabReplace option removed. Consider a plugin.
    • useBR option removed. Consider a plugin or CSS.
    • requireLanguage() removed. Use getLanguage().
    • endSameAsBegin mode key removed. Use hljs.END_SAME_AS_BEGIN.
    • lexemes mode key removed. Use keywords.$pattern.
    • The return values/keys of some APIs have changed slightly.


    • HTML auto-passthru has been removed. Consider a plugin.
    • Unescaped HTML is now stripped (for security). A warning is logged to the console. (#3057) Josh Goebel


    • The default padding of all themes increases (0.5em => 1em).
    • schoolbook has been updated to remove the lined background.
    • github updated to better match modern GitHub (#1616) Jan Pilzer
    • github-gist has been removed in favor of github Jan Pilzer
    • Base16 named themes have been updated to their "canonical" versions
    • nnfx updated for v11 xml styles and improved css support

    Language Grammars:

    • Default CDN build drops support for several languages.
    • Some language grammar files have been removed.
    • Some redundant language aliases have been removed.

    Other changes


    • enh(vala) improve language detection for Vala (#3195) [Konrad Rudolph][]
    • enh(r) add support for operators, fix number highlighting bug (#3194, #3195) [Konrad Rudolph][]
    • enh(parser) add beginScope and endScope to allow separate scoping begin and end (#3159) Josh Goebel
    • enh(parsed) endScope now supports multi-class matchers as well (#3159) Josh Goebel
    • enh(parser) highlightElement now always tags blocks with a consistent language-[name] class Josh Goebel
      • subLanguage span tags now also always have the language- prefix added
    • enh(parser) support multi-class matchers (#3081) Josh Goebel
    • enh(parser) Detect comments based on english like text, rather than keyword list Josh Goebel
    • adds title.class.inherited sub-scope support Josh Goebel
    • adds title.class sub-scope support (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • adds title.function sub-scope support (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • adds beforeMatch compiler extension (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • adds cssSelector configuration option (#3180) James Edington


    • enh(all) .meta-keyword => .meta .keyword (nested scopes) (#3167) Josh Goebel
    • enh(all) .meta-string => .meta .string (nested scopes) (#3167) Josh Goebel
    • enh(swift) add actor keyword (#3171) Bradley Mackey
    • enh(crystal) highlight variables (#3154) Josh Goebel
    • fix(ruby) Heredoc without interpolation (#3154) Josh Goebel
    • enh(swift) add @resultBuilder attribute (#3151) Bradley Mackey
    • enh(processing) added pde alias (#3142) Dylan McBean
    • enh(thrift) Use proper scope for types Josh Goebel
    • enh(java) Simplified class-like matcher (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • enh(cpp) Simplified class-like matcher (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • enh(rust) Simplified class-like matcher (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • enh(actionscript) Simplified class-like matcher (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • enh(arcade) function.title => title.function (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • enh(autoit) function.title => title.function (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • enh(c) function.title => title.function (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • enh(rust) support function invoke and impl (#3078) Josh Goebel
    • chore(properties) disable auto-detection #3102 Josh Goebel
    • fix(properties) fix incorrect handling of non-alphanumeric keys #3102 [Egor Rogov][]
    • enh(java) support functions with nested template types (#2641) Josh Goebel
    • enh(java) highlight types and literals separate from keywords (#3074) Josh Goebel
    • enh(shell) add alias ShellSession Ryan Mulligan
    • enh(shell) consider one space after prompt as part of prompt Ryan Mulligan
    • fix(nginx) fix bug with $ and @ variables Josh Goebel
    • enh(nginx) improving highlighting of some sections Josh Goebel
    • fix(vim) variable names may not be zero length Josh Goebel
    • enh(sqf) Updated keywords to Arma 3 v2.02 (#3084) R3voA3
    • enh(sqf) Refactored function regex to match CBA component func naming scheme (#3181) JonBons
    • enh(nim) highlight types properly (not as built-ins) Josh Goebel
    • (chore) throttle deprecation messages (#3092) [Mihkel Eidast][]
    • enh(c) Update keyword list for C11/C18 (#3010) Josh Goebel
    • enh(parser) highlight object properties (#3072) Josh Goebel
    • enh(javascript/typescript) highlight object properties (#3072) Josh Goebel
    • enh(haskell) add support for BinaryLiterals (#3150) Martijn Bastiaan
    • enh(haskell) add support for NumericUnderscores (#3150) Martijn Bastiaan
    • enh(haskell) add support for HexFloatLiterals (#3150) Martijn Bastiaan
    • fix(c,cpp) allow declaring multiple functions and (for C++) parenthetical initializers (#3155) [Erik Demaine][]
    • enh(rust) highlight raw byte string literals correctly (#3173) Nico Abram
    • fix(cpp) fix detection of common functions that are function templates (#3178) Kris van Rens
    • enh(cpp) add various keywords and commonly used types for hinting (#3178) Kris van Rens
    • enh(cpp) cleanup reserved keywords and type lists (#3178) Kris van Rens

    New Languages:

    • Added 3rd party Glimmer grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES(#3123) NullVoxPopuli
    • Added Wren support Josh Goebel
    • Added NestedText support Josh Goebel
    • Added WebAssembly language grammar Josh Goebel
    • Added 3rd party Splunk search processing language grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES (#3090) Wei Su
    • Added 3rd party ZenScript grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES(#3106) Jared Luboff
    • Added 3rd party Papyrus grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES(#3125) Mike Watling

    Theme Improvements:

    • Added all official Base16 themes (over 150 new themes) Josh Goebel
    • chore(themes) remove builtin-name CSS class (#3119) Josh Goebel
    • chore(theme) Update GitHub theme css to match GitHub's current styling (#1616) Jan Pilzer
    • chore(theme) Update Srcery theme css to match its Emacs implementation [Chen Bin][]

    New Themes:

    Dev Improvements:

    • (chore) greatly improve match scope visualization in dev tool (#3126) NullVoxPopuli
    • (fix) CSS used for devtool needed an adjustment to fix too wide of content (#3133) NullVoxPopuli
  9. Version 10.7.2

    This is a patch release. The only change is that deprecation messages are throttled and shown only once.

  10. Version 10.7.1

    • fix(parser) Resolves issues with TypeScript types Josh Goebel

    Version 10.7.0


    • enh(api) add unregisterLanguage method (#3009) Antoine du Hamel
    • enh: Make alias registration case insensitive (#3026) David Ostrovsky
    • fix(parser) highlightAll() now works if the library is lazy loaded Josh Goebel

    New Languages:

    • Added 3rd party RiScript grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES (#2988) [John C][]
    • Added 3rd party HLSL grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES (#3002) Stef Levesque
    • Added 3rd party Q# grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES(#3006) Vyron Vasileiadis

    Language grammar improvements:

    • fix(python) allow keywords immediately following numbers (#2985) Josh Goebel
    • fix(xml) char immediately following tag close mis-highlighted (#3044) Josh Goebel
    • fix(ruby) fix defined?() mis-highlighted as def (#3025) Josh Goebel
    • fix(c) comments after #include <str> blocks (#3041) Josh Goebel
    • fix(cpp) comments after #include <str> blocks (#3041) Josh Goebel
    • enh(cpp) Highlight all function dispatches (#3005) Josh Goebel
    • enh(python) support type hints and better type support (#2972) Josh Goebel
    • enh(gml) Add additional GML 2.3 keywords (#2984) xDGameStudios
    • fix(cpp) constructor support for initializers (#3001) Josh Goebel
    • enh(php) Add trait to class-like naming patterns (#2997) Ayesh
    • enh(php) Add Stringable, UnhandledMatchError, and WeakMap classes/interfaces (#2997) Ayesh
    • enh(php) Add mixed to list of keywords (#2997) Ayesh
    • enh(php) Add support binary, octal, hex and scientific numerals with underscore separator support (#2997) Ayesh
    • enh(php) Add support for Enums (#3004) Ayesh
    • enh(ecmascript) Add built-in types Vaibhav Chanana
    • enh(kotlin) Add kts as an alias for Kotlin (#3021) Vaibhav Chanana
    • enh(css) Add font-smoothing to attributes list for CSS (#3027) AndyKIron
    • fix(python) Highlight print and exec as a builtin (#1468) Samuel Colvin
    • fix(csharp) Fix unit being highlighted instead of uint (#3046) [Spacehamster][]
    • enh(swift) add async/await keywords (#3048) [Bradley Mackey][]


    • highlight(languageName, code, ignoreIllegals, continuation) deprecated as of 10.7
      • Please use the newer API which takes code and then accepts options as an object
      • IE: highlight(code, {language, ignoreIllegals})
      • continuation is for internal use only and no longer supported
    • highlightBlock(el) deprecated as of 10.7.
      • Please use highlightElement(el) instead.
      • Plugin callbacks renamed before/after:highlightBlock => before/after:highlightElement
      • Plugin callback now takes el vs block attribute
      • The old API and callbacks will be supported until v12.