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New Website


Our previous website was created by Ivan Sagalaev, the original creator of highlight.js. Our old website served us well for years but due to age, became dated and hard to maintain. So, it's my pleasure to introduce our brand-new website powered by Next.js with a few new features that had been requested over the years. Our hope is, that with a more modern website, we'll be able to better maintain it and welcome more contributions from the community.

Demo Page

Whenever you're navigating the internet for libraries to use in your project, you look for demos of how said libraries behave. But what about highlight.js? Where's the demo section where you can put code snippets and test out the highlighting behavior and our plethora of themes?

Say no more, introducing our new demo page where you can test code snippets and preview themes! But wait, there's more!

You can share the code snippets you write on our demo page! We're not storing these code snippets in any databases. It's all stored in the URL. So be mindful of sharing extremely large code snippets.

Download Page

We've heard you! You want to be able to save your download configurations and have us bundle your package for you. Our download page now also supports specifying your languages and persisting them in the URL. Revisit the URL after a few weeks and if there's been any updates to the grammars you included, you'll automatically download the new bundle. 馃帀

Open Source

Of course, our new website is open source and welcomes contributions! Just like the main highlight.js repo, create an issue to request features or discuss implementations of features if you'd like to contribute.

More to Come

Now that our website has been modernized, we look forward to a pleasant style with more regular updates and features added.

Thank you for highlighting with highlight.js!

11.8.0 "Spring has arrived" Edition



Parser engine:

  • added a function to default export to generate a fresh highlighter instance to be used by extensions WisamMechano
  • added BETA __emitTokens key to grammars to allow then to direct their own parsing, only using Highlight.js for the HTML rendering Josh Goebel
  • (enh) add removePlugin api faga295
  • (fix) typo in language name of JavaScript Cyrus Kao

New Grammars:

  • added 3rd party Lang grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES AdamRaichu
  • added 3rd party C3 grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES aliaegik

Core Grammars:

  • enh(sql) support _ in variable names [joshgoebel][]
  • enh(mathematica) update keywords list to 13.2.1 arnoudbuzing
  • enh(protobuf) add proto alias for Protobuf [dimitropoulos][]
  • enh(sqf) latest changes in Arma 3 v2.11 Leopard20
  • enh(js/ts) Added support for GraphQL tagged template strings Ali Ukani
  • enh(javascript) add sessionStorage to list of built-in variables Jeroen van Vianen
  • enh(http) Add supporxt for HTTP/3 Rijenkii
  • added 3rd party Motoko grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES rvanasa
  • added 3rd party Candid grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES rvanasa
  • fix(haskell) Added support for characters CrystalSplitter
  • enh(dart) Add base, interface, sealed, and when keywords Sam Rawlins
  • enh(php) detect newer more flexible NOWdoc syntax (#3679) Timur Kamaev
  • enh(python) improve autodetection of code with type hinting any function's return type (making the -> operator legal) Keyacom
  • enh(bash) add select and until as keywords

11.7.0 - "Gobble Gobble" Thanksgiving Edition


Version 11.7.0

New Grammars:

  • added 3rd party LookML grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Josh Temple
  • added 3rd party FunC grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES [Nikita Sobolev][]
  • Added 3rd party Flix grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES The Flix Organisation
  • Added 3rd party RVT grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Sopitive


  • enh(scheme) add scm alias for Scheme matyklug18
  • fix(typescript) patterns like <T = are not JSX Josh Goebel
  • fix(bash) recognize the (( keyword Nick Chambers
  • enh(Ruby) misc improvements (kws, class names, etc) Josh Goebel
  • fix(js) do not flag import() as a function, rather a keyword nathnolt
  • fix(bash) recognize the (( keyword Nick Chambers
  • fix(nix) support escaped dollar signs in strings h7x4
  • enh(cmake) support bracket comments Hirse
  • enh(java) add yield keyword to java MBoegers
  • enh(java) add permits keyword to java MBoegers
  • fix(javascript/typescript) correct identifier matching when using numbers Lachlan Heywood


11.6.0 - "Pink Lemonade on a hot day" Edition


Version 11.6.0

Supported Node.js versions:

  • (chore) Drops support for Node 12.x, which is no longer supported by Node.js.

Default build changes:

  • add wasm to default :common build (#3526) [Josh Goebel][]
  • add graphql to default :common build (#3526) [Josh Goebel][]


  • fix(json) changed null/booleans from keyword to literal shikhar13012001
  • enh(gml) reorganized and added additional keywords Bluecoreg
  • enh(csharp) Added support for the new scoped keyword in C# (#3571) [David Pine][]
  • enh(scala) add transparent keyword Matt Bovel
  • fix(rust) highlight types immediately preceeding :: (#3540) [Josh Goebel][]
  • Added 3rd party Apex grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES (#3546) David Schach
  • fix(rust) recognize include_bytes! macro (#3541) Serial-ATA
  • fix(java) do not intepret == as a variable declaration Mousetail
  • enh(swift) add SE-0335 existential any keyword (#3515) Bradley Mackey
  • enh(swift) add support for distributed keyword Marcus Ortiz
  • enh(xml) recognize Unicode letters instead of only ASCII letters in XML element and attribute names (#3256)Martin Honnen
  • Added 3rd party Toit grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Serzhan Nasredin
  • Use substring() instead of deprecated substr() Tobias Buschor
  • Added 3rd party Oak grammar to SUPPORTED_LANGUAGES Tim Smith
  • enh(python) add match and case keywords Avrumy Lunger

Version 11.5.1


Just a tiny release to hopefully fix the issues some are having with CSS not seen as having side effects with web pack, etc...


  • (chore) explicitly set sideEffect for css and scss files, fixes #3504



Changes from CHANGELOG:


New Grammars:


  • enh(ruby) lots of small Ruby cleanups/improvements Josh Goebel
  • enh(objectivec) add type and variable.language scopes Josh Goebel
  • enh(xml) support processing instructions (#3492) Josh Goebel
  • enh(ruby ) better support multi-line IRB prompts
  • enh(bash) improved keyword $pattern (numbers allowed in command names) Martin Mattel
  • add meta.prompt scope for REPL prompts, etc Josh Goebel
  • fix(markdown) Handle ***Hello world*** without breaking Josh Goebel
  • enh(php) add support for PHP Attributes Wojciech Kania
  • fix(java) prevent false positive variable init on else Josh Goebel
  • enh(php) named arguments Wojciech Kania
  • fix(php) PHP constants Wojciech Kania
  • fix(angelscript) incomplete int8, int16, int32, int64 highlighting Melissa Geels
  • enh(ts) modify TypeScript-specific keywords and types list anydonym
  • fix(brainfuck) fix highlighting of initial ++/-- Christina Hanson
  • fix(llvm) escaping in strings and number formats Flakebi
  • enh(elixir) recognize references to modules Mark Ericksen
  • enh(css): add support for more properties Nicolaos Skimas